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Don’t Fall for It!


Book Three of the Safer Seniors’ Series – due out Quarter One, 2020. Check back for updates.


Do you want the hard copy version of the book? Contact Henry on 072 514 0913 or email him at halfmens@telkomsa.net for pricing and to arrange delivery.

This book examines the prevalence and consequences of falls suffered by seniors living in both the community at large; in private dwellings, and in residential care homes and hospitals; and is intended to assist individuals, nurses and healthcare workers; who have to deal with the damage arising from falls on a daily basis. Whilst its target group are mainly professionals and laypeople working in the healthcare industry... at-risk individuals; those approaching retirement age, and even those whose loved ones, or relatives are elderly - could benefit from the book. Amongst seniors, the risk of falling can never be entirely removed, but awareness of the causes, as well as suggested adaptations designed to increase stability and combat balance impairments, may assist in minimising the risk. What is perhaps different in this publication is the attempt to combine research results with the practical observations, in such a manner as to simplify the subject; to place this extremely debilitating scourge in language readily comprehendible by all. It is hoped that by this approach, the lives of many elderly people may, to a degree, be improved. This book is specially written for seniors themselves and is intended to convey the message that they both can, and should, take steps to control their own safety. Don’t take it lying down! You don’t have to fall! You do not have to suffer the ignominy and pain of becoming a statistic. You may not be capable of entirely eliminating the risk of falling but it behoves you to try… and by such efforts, the likelihood of you experiencing harmful and life-changing falls could be greatly reduced. It is hoped that the book will additionally debunk two myths which impede progress in combating falls; the first being that they are an inevitable part of the ageing process, and secondly that falls always happen to someone else - the person next door! In terms of these myths – Don’t fall for it! Thus was both the title and motivation for this book born.


“Hi, Henry. This book is amazing!!! I am SO impressed. What an enormous amount of work you’ve put into it. And it is extremely well written and targeted."
- Dr Monica Ferreira