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Born of Desperation!


Book One of the Safer Seniors’ Series. The first part looks at the plethora of unproven myths around, and miracle cures proffered for, dementia. The second part of the book examines strategies and care practices that have proven effective in managing the disease. 306 pages. Available in PDF format.


Do you want the hard copy version of the book? Contact Henry on 072 514 0913 or email him at halfmens@telkomsa.net for pricing and to arrange delivery.

The book Born of Desperation assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of Alzheimer’s or that they, their family or people for whom they care, may be affected by the disease. Its purpose is simple! Our desperation to find a cure often results in wishful-thinking and the propagation of myths. This book attempts to separate myths from reality and offer authenticated advice on ways in which the progression of the disease may be slowed, as well as tried and tested practical suggestions on methods by which the burden of coping and caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease may be eased.


"I could not put it down, every situation I have experienced, it is so good knowing that I am on the right track. Thank you and I simply can’t wait for the sequel.”
- Feicity Dibben

"Your book BORN OF DESPERATION has helped me like no other. I would NEVER be coping as well as I am had I not read your book"
- Jane Todd

“This is valuable book for all concerned ad I have enjoyed it and helped me a lot. Mirrors many of my understanding and beliefs... I think it extremely valuable for Doctors and patients alike... practitioners need to know the facts. Your book has a wealth of information and is/will be very helpful to many if they can access it.”
- Dr. Kirkby